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    NigerianYellowPages.com is owned and operated by Xybertek Systems Nigeria Limited. NigerianYellowPages.com™ and the "Walking Finger" logo are registered trademarks of Xybertek Systems

    NigerianYellowPages.com was developed to help those engaging in various business endeavors in Nigeria, and to any interested business/individual wishing to do business with Nigerians [at home or overseas], find exactly what they're looking for, and these business organization to be reached easily. To do this, we've built the NigerianYellowPages.com as Nigeria only business-focused search engine and directory.

    NigerianYellowPages.com's exclusive focus on business search and directory, gives business marketers an unprecedented opportunity to reach a high-quality, at-work audience. It is the first Yellow Page with Nigeria identity on the Internet with the largest directory listing of Nigerian businesses in Nigeria and overseas.

    You have a question, we have the answer! Our 24/7 Support Service is always there for you. Supporting our customers is our primary focus!.