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    Edlay Resources is a pioneer of innovative, dynamic, cutting-edge designs. We are the hub of world class talent at the world's best prices. Our team diligently works on every project irrespective of the size - with the same zeal and enthusiasm and produces results that are consistent with our commitment to quality. The team is experienced and talented with tremendous hunger to always deliver better than before.

    Client's ultimate satisfaction is our prime motive. Our designers and online professionals have mastered the art of listening to the client and blending their imagination and requirements to produce the best answer to clients’ requests.

    The design process begins with carefully prepared estimates, detailed project coordination and scheduling, keeping a close eye on budget and deadlines. Through each step of the job, you will be delighted with our expertise, knowledge and use of the latest technology to make your dreams a reality.

    We set a distinctive path for others to follow. We transform your ideas into YOUR masterpieces.

    Our Key to Success are:

    • Excellent feedback and repeat work
    • Prompt service and customer care
    • Competitive price and value for money
    • Guaranteed personalized attention
    • Uninterrupted communication.

    We Specialize in:

    Website Design,
    Logo Design,
    Bulk SMS,
    Web & Graphic design,
    Online & Offline Marketing,
    Video & Animation
    Online Micro jobs.

    EdLay Resources ought to be your first choice!