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About the Directory

Welcome to Nigeria's Business Directory

Nigeria's Business Directory is a marketing, communication and networking service, which has been created to help all types of businesses to network, both within their home countries and the African Continent.

The Directory offers a unique opportunity for companies and members of the public to search for business information and services.

The concept of a Business directory was formed in 2009 following a clear and urgent need to create a fair platform for 'all businesses' to instigate communication and interaction between each other. Furthermore The Business Directory also recognises the fact that there are numerous expatriates, Diaspora and other such 'persons' located around the world, whose heritage and culture originates from Nigeria. Hence businesses are encouraged to join Nigeria's Business directory from where ever they are located.

Nigeria's Business Directory provides for a very simple search system which allows all guests to search for companies in seconds. Visitors to the website simply require a few clues as to what they are looking for e.g. Company Name, Business Sector or City.

The success of Nigerian entertainers and entrepreneurs within this field are unprecedented, the shear size and scale of these industries makes Nigerian influenced music and film at the forefront whether via heritage of persons or origin of music styles.


The Business directory offers excellent opportunities for all businesses to interact with countless other International Businesses, the guide helps new users to understand the potential of the directory.

Nigeria is an influential regional power and hence the news aligned with such a country is important. Nigeria's Business Directory has teamed up with top online news providers to link all visitors to the latest Nigerian news.