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The success of Nigerian entertainers and entrepreneurs within this field are unprecedented, the shear size and scale of these industries makes Nigerian influenced music and film at the forefront whether via heritage of persons or origin of music styles.


Nigeria's Business Directory aims to halt the current blind practice by some Businesses of non communication, non marketing, non trade within their own borders. Every business (where ever they are located in the world) will be able to load/put up information, pictures videos and text on a personalised business web page. This page will then be indexed/listed alongside the business area, country, region, town and even postcode. Once listed the business will now become searchable by anyone from anywhere!

The Business directory offers excellent opportunities for all businesses to interact with countless other International Businesses, the guide helps new users to understand the potential of the directory.



Nigeria is an influential regional power and hence the news aligned with such a country is important. Nigeria's Business Directory has teamed up with top online news providers to link all visitors to the latest Nigerian news.