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Police Found Nothing In My Family House, Patience Jonathan Says

Responding to reports that police had raided one of her houses in Abuja, former First Lady Patience Jonathan stated on Thursday that police found nothing incriminating, Punch Newspaper reports.

Police confiscated

three checkbooks from the premises, according to Mrs. Jonathan and her attorney, Charles Ogboli. She added that the police searched her home, not the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), as had been reported by some media outlets.

Mrs. Jonathan also clarified that she is the owner of the house, but it is occupied by her brothers and sisters.

The embattled former first lady condemned the police for raiding her home while the occupants were absent, calling it an “embarrassment.”

“EFCC came last year and conducted a search in the absence of the occupant of the house. The NDLEA [National Drug Law Enforcement Agency] also searched the same building. This also happened last year between November or thereabouts. It is an embarrassment,” she said.

Mrs. Jonathan added that the EFCC and NDLEA found nothing incriminating during last year’s raids.

According to her, police decided to raid the house due to “the attitude of the security man.”

“So, when I got [to the house], I demanded to see the leader of the team and I was directed to an Assistant Commissioner of Police, who was in mufti and known as Williams. I asked him which of the command are you from and he said they were from IG’s Special Unit. Somebody also in mufti intervened and said they are from the AGF, Attorney General’s office.

“He told me that they came to search the house of a judge, but because of the attitude of the security man, they decided to now move into the house [Mrs. Jonathan’s family house] and search the house.

“They forced the door open and searched everything. At the end, they asked the security man to sign that nothing incriminating was found. They took away three checkbooks and a company iron seal. The company seal does not belong to the former first lady because she is not staying there. The company is not known to the first lady,” she said.

Former First Lady Patience Jonathan