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Nigeria: The Next Boxing Mecca?

In the Business of sport and Nigeria right now the Boxer larry Ekundayo really is the one to watch. Just a few weeks ago The Nigerian House of Representatives passed a motion to “Congratulate Larry Ekundayo on his heroics in the field of boxing” and for the Government to help bring back the glory days of Nigerian boxing.

The bill also aims to re-popularise boxing, a sport that Nigerians can excel at through “hosting continental and international boxing tournaments”.

Undefeated welterweight sensation, Larry Ekundayo, managed by the highly regarded MTK organisation, is one of the country’s leading boxing talents. He is former Sky TV Prize fighter Winner, ABU African Champion and has been dubbed the Nigerian Floyd Mayweather. He is due to represent Nigeria, later in 2017, in his bid to win the Commonwealth title and deliver sporting glory for the country.

The motion was proposed by Chair of the House of Representative Committee on the Diaspora, Hon. (Barr) Rita Orji, who has taken a personal interest, and leadership role, in helping Nigerian fighters within and particularly outside Nigeria deliver on their talents for the country.

The motion stated that the “House called on Federal Ministry of Youth and Sport to work with the Nigerian Boxing Federation to revive the sport of boxing”. The motion also required Government and corporate bodies to invest in the development of sports, through the provision of infrastructure and sponsorship deals.

The motion further mandated the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sport to interface with other stakeholders, to work out the modalities of sponsorship of Nigerian boxers, so that they are able to win world title honours wearing the green and white of Nigeria, rather than having to move to other countries to get the necessary support. The House rightly commended Arik Air for its leading role in its sponsorship of Larry Ekundayo.

Leading London based commercial agents, World Class Athletes, who have a successful track record of delivering sponsorship deals for Nigerians, would continue to help provide the commercial bedrock for the country’s elite fighters to deliver on their natural talent, so that they can go on to secure titles and glory for the country.

Hon. (Barr) Rita Orji said. “Britain has produced 8 World heavyweight Champions, 3 of whom have been of Nigerian origin. There is no reason our wonderfully talent fighters should be fighting for other countries”.

She went on to add; “When we arrange sponsorship we can start staging major shows here, build infrastructure and create jobs” Finally, she stated “Let us all back Larry Ekundayo, so he can go all the way to win a world title for Nigeria, his success is our success.”


Right now we at Nigerias Business Directory believe the wise return from sports sponsorship and other business areas is currently in the boxing arena. Look at the millions already realised and indeed floating around British Nigerian Boxer Anthony Joshua. Further information can be attained about potential opportunities at or

Nigerian Football; sporting dreams, financial speculations and national pride (Part 1)

Nigeria’s business directory presents the first of a series of insights into Nigerian Football and ‘The promise of golden times for the sport’. These articles will look at the highly lucrative investment on young footballing prospects, the damage being caused to the Nigerian game by the promise of money, the lack of infrastructure and the impact of failed dreams. Nigeria's Business Directory and its sports business team will simply introduce the current situation in this first article.

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Invest and Advertise in Nigeria’s 2nd most popular sport

Previously Nigeria’s Business Directory has highlighted the lucrative business of sport with the soccer industry hogging the limelight. A worthy competitor has emerged in dynamic UK based Nigerian Fighters Larry Ekundayo and former World Title challenger Ajose Olusegun who are fast becoming one of the most marketable tools around due to the international aspect of boxing and its re-emergence on terrestrial TV in the USA and the UK.

Boxing itself possesses the pre-requisites to become one of the most effective means of marketing for businesses, boxing is  now leading the rankings for alternative sports and activities for Nigerians to follow.
Boxing is a great sport to invest in or sponsor because offers so many qualities from which a top brand can align its self with, the list can include; strength, leadership, discipline, health, fitness, power, dynamism, superb spectacles, showmanship, pure entertainment and live action.

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Nigerian Football; ‘the future is brighter than ‘England’s’

Yes England is the home of football and St George’s park is to be the home of development but Nigeria is already there at that level. Nigeria have won the U17 World Cup Title for a record fourth time and after winning the African Cup of nations last year (the full international edition and not the recent locally based version) Nigeria are ready to take on the world.

Nigeria may not have all the facilities and infrastructure but it certainly has the talent, which is all to often snapped up by greedy smaller European clubs. Sport and more importantly football is ripe for international investment via sports companies, TV rights and agents. To ensure the future progression of the game Manu Garba, who led Nigeria to a record fourth under-17 World Cup title in the UAE last year, has been named as the new coach of their under-20 side.

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Nigerian Footballers & Sports People Neglected, why?

The sports that Nigerians have been so revered for over the years, is now in jeopardy. Many Nigerians used to be proud to boast of their athletes and outstanding Super eagles football team, where has that disappeared to in the last 3 years?


With a country over 150 million people to choose from there must be something wrong. Nigerians, especially its sports officials and administrators to whom responsibility has been entrusted to, have always done harm to the development of the nation's sporting institutions rather than the otherwise. If the national sporting leaders don't take clues from the sporting programmes of the Americans and Chinese, then the sporting prowess, talents and passion for which the black race is known for may slowly ebb out of the country.


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