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Information & Technology

The Latest Information & Technology news from Nigeria

The essential component for Nigerian business Today

Nigerias Business directory predicted that technology would play a vital role in the Nigerian elections. Hence why so many people enjoy our business and technology section, the marketing of the entire election was mastered by the electronic revolution. For the first time ever the Nigerian elections were covered globally via 24 hour direct internet feeds from channels such a youtube, information was immediately shared on social media sites and apps such as whatsapp, Facebook, instagram and Twitter. The marketing and information as we predicted was essential to the marketing campaign for the eventual winners, leaked video, rumours, damaging corruption reports such as the luxurious lifestyle of Mr Goodluck Johnathan eventually conspired to cause major rifts in voting. Of course the final and major electronic influence was the adoption of technology in voting; PVC Card reader electronic voting system

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How will Technology affect the Elections

Welcome to the age of the Android Phone, Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, iPad, Tablet, Laptop tools, all of which are utilised to connect people to the revolutionary Internet.

Whether its Social media, mobile phone based internet access and or other usage Nigerians based within the country itself and globally are utilising the web more than ever. Nigeria is at the forefront of providing mobile based technology and access to the Internet.

To welcome in the year the technology section of the Nigeria’s Business business newsletter will divert attention to the growing sector of online technology and mobile access and more importantly how the current political climate can and will be influenced by this all embracing facility.

Nigerians are accessing more online channels than ever, viewing more social media and video hubs like Youtube than ever before. Blogs and comment based websites are being invaded by Nigerians who wish to express their feelings to the world at large and the powers that be.

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Look out for the Electronic Invasion

Lenovo Group Ltd. (992), the world’s largest maker of personal computers, plans to expand its smartphone business in three west African countries this year as it builds on a surge in demand in Nigeria.


The company will sell models of data-enabled phones including the Vibe X and S930 in Nigeria starting in the first week of March, Graham Braum, Beijing-based Lenovo’s general manager for Africa, said in a Feb. 4 interview in Lagos. The company may start sales in Ghana and Ivory Coast later in the year, he said.


“Smartphones are fast becoming a primary platform for work, entertainment and social networking” in Nigeria, Braum said. Africa’s most populous nation with 170 million people is the next big market for Lenovo following a “successful” entrance in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, he said.


Lenovo agreed to buy Google Inc.’s Motorola Mobility phone unit for $2.91 billion last month as it builds up its smartphone business to offset dwindling PC sales. The deal creates the world’s third-biggest smartphone vendor, behind Apple Inc. (AAPL) and Samsung Electronics Co., both of which already sell phones in Nigeria.

Nigerian technology for the Future

Nigeria cannot depend solely on oil as the backbone of her economy that was why the initiative and drive towards ensuring that Nigeria takes its rightful place amongst the technologically advanced nations of the world by the year 2020, is presently being accorded the utmost urgency by the Ministry.


As a people, we need to make science and technology a way of life, build a culture of innovation, strong political will, commitment and leadership, engendering strong and sustainable private sector participation in Research and Development, and evolving reliable funding mechanism.

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