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Nigerian technology for the Future

Nigeria cannot depend solely on oil as the backbone of her economy that was why the initiative and drive towards ensuring that Nigeria takes its rightful place amongst the technologically advanced nations of the world by the year 2020, is presently being accorded the utmost urgency by the Ministry.


As a people, we need to make science and technology a way of life, build a culture of innovation, strong political will, commitment and leadership, engendering strong and sustainable private sector participation in Research and Development, and evolving reliable funding mechanism.

The National Stakeholders’ Workshop and Exhibition on National System of Innovation (NSI) has come and gone, but the success stories of the programme in Kaduna, Aba and Lagos respectively have been highly commendable.


This programme by the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology initiative, with support from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), has been in line with the Transformation Agenda and Nigeria’s Vision 20:2020 programmes of the Present Administration. This is because, for Nigeria to become one of the top 20 economies by the year 2020, the country needs to urgently entrench Science, Technology and Innovation into our system.

When the Federal Executive Council (FEC) approved the National Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) policy for the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology, the onus to midwife the policy now rests with the Ministry, and that led to the painstaking preparation to organize a workshop/exhibition aimed and sensitizing stakeholders and the general public on the important ingredients of the policy and how it can be executed to elicit the desired result of transforming the country into a technological developed one, by the year 2020 as planned by the government.

The end result therefore was the launch of the Revised National Science, Technology and Innovation Policy document, at the Nicon Luxury hotel, Abuja, with support from World Bank STEP-B, and this was followed with another programme tagged “Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Workshop” which held at the National Merit House in Abuja.

The National System of Innovation (NSI), designed to drive the economic development and emancipation of the country to many Nigerians is re-assurance, in the sense that Nigerians now know that it is only Science and Technology that is the key driver for growth and sustainable social development and transformation in Nigeria.  The reason for this is not far-fetched, the ST&I policy focuses on the National Innovation System, tailored towards the building of Nigeria’s Technological capability.