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How will Technology affect the Elections

Welcome to the age of the Android Phone, Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, iPad, Tablet, Laptop tools, all of which are utilised to connect people to the revolutionary Internet.

Whether its Social media, mobile phone based internet access and or other usage Nigerians based within the country itself and globally are utilising the web more than ever. Nigeria is at the forefront of providing mobile based technology and access to the Internet.

To welcome in the year the technology section of the Nigeria’s Business business newsletter will divert attention to the growing sector of online technology and mobile access and more importantly how the current political climate can and will be influenced by this all embracing facility.

Nigerians are accessing more online channels than ever, viewing more social media and video hubs like Youtube than ever before. Blogs and comment based websites are being invaded by Nigerians who wish to express their feelings to the world at large and the powers that be.

Politicians, organisations, celebrities and even religious leaders are recognising this and are responding by ensuring they roll-out a well structured presence on the net. The internet is not just about a static presence, key entities such as the political representatives and leaders are ensuring their party members are active on the internet. Like TV the internet can change a whole campaign, with instant views, stories, pictures and opinions key policies and stories can go viral in minutes.

Business networking websites, social media facilities and mobile apps are certainly key opinion drivers and will be utilised on the election battlefield for the first time.

The latter also means that for the first time in decades the up  and coming elections will be profiled to an international audience of eager Nigerians. Like it or not Nigerian politics affects many people from the petrol pump to the chocolate containing palm Oil (which basically includes almost all chocolates).

Nigeria will never be the same again, people can express opinions without being arrested, cause civil unrest via deliberate and divisive means, share disturbing pictures and more importantly tell the truth about what is really going on. No one can hide in this new age, but will it be used in a positive manner, with the elections round the corner we will soon find out