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Can you really make money in Nigeria?


The question still remains can ‘one’ initiate business in Nigeria successfully. To really put this into context the initial facts must be stated; despite the wildly dispensed rumours and fear mongering Nigeria possesses one of the fastest developing economies in the developing world.

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Nigerian Footballers & Sports People Neglected, why?

The sports that Nigerians have been so revered for over the years, is now in jeopardy. Many Nigerians used to be proud to boast of their athletes and outstanding Super eagles football team, where has that disappeared to in the last 3 years?


With a country over 150 million people to choose from there must be something wrong. Nigerians, especially its sports officials and administrators to whom responsibility has been entrusted to, have always done harm to the development of the nation's sporting institutions rather than the otherwise. If the national sporting leaders don't take clues from the sporting programmes of the Americans and Chinese, then the sporting prowess, talents and passion for which the black race is known for may slowly ebb out of the country.


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Nigerian technology for the Future

Nigeria cannot depend solely on oil as the backbone of her economy that was why the initiative and drive towards ensuring that Nigeria takes its rightful place amongst the technologically advanced nations of the world by the year 2020, is presently being accorded the utmost urgency by the Ministry.


As a people, we need to make science and technology a way of life, build a culture of innovation, strong political will, commitment and leadership, engendering strong and sustainable private sector participation in Research and Development, and evolving reliable funding mechanism.

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