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The essential component for Nigerian business Today

Nigerias Business directory predicted that technology would play a vital role in the Nigerian elections. Hence why so many people enjoy our business and technology section, the marketing of the entire election was mastered by the electronic revolution. For the first time ever the Nigerian elections were covered globally via 24 hour direct internet feeds from channels such a youtube, information was immediately shared on social media sites and apps such as whatsapp, Facebook, instagram and Twitter. The marketing and information as we predicted was essential to the marketing campaign for the eventual winners, leaked video, rumours, damaging corruption reports such as the luxurious lifestyle of Mr Goodluck Johnathan eventually conspired to cause major rifts in voting. Of course the final and major electronic influence was the adoption of technology in voting; PVC Card reader electronic voting system

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What will be the governments way forward for business in Nigeria?

With a new government in office and thus fresh hopes and aspirations what should Nigerias new Business landscape now look like? Nigeria’s Business has taken the lead in recent times to try and divert the negative views, images and stereo-types about Nigerian Business. One of our past articles asked can ‘one really make money from business in Nigeria?’ The answer to the latter is still yes but the fear is still how much red tape will be involved, will corruption mar a positive initiative and finally will the infrastructure such as trained staff, power, government assistance and security be in place. In light of the above business concerns Nigerias Business Directory wishes to welcome the new change in Nigeria but also we wish to get down to the Business of the economy by ensuring the business community possesses a strong say in essential matters that affect business.

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