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How will Technology affect the Elections

Welcome to the age of the Android Phone, Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, iPad, Tablet, Laptop tools, all of which are utilised to connect people to the revolutionary Internet.

Whether its Social media, mobile phone based internet access and or other usage Nigerians based within the country itself and globally are utilising the web more than ever. Nigeria is at the forefront of providing mobile based technology and access to the Internet.

To welcome in the year the technology section of the Nigeria’s Business business newsletter will divert attention to the growing sector of online technology and mobile access and more importantly how the current political climate can and will be influenced by this all embracing facility.

Nigerians are accessing more online channels than ever, viewing more social media and video hubs like Youtube than ever before. Blogs and comment based websites are being invaded by Nigerians who wish to express their feelings to the world at large and the powers that be.

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The Oil Business Nigeria’s Blessing & Dependency

Can Africa’s largest economy sink to dangerous lows following the recent rapid drop in the World Oil prices?

Nigeria is a an Oil rich nation, a situation which has propelled it to the top of Africa’s rapidly growing economies as a rising star, but almost every part of this successful structure can be attributed to the Oil businesses. The current situation is now showing how this ‘Black gold’ can also become Nigeria’s worst nightmare. Celebrated by many yet shared by few, Oil is a serious issue.

Few know that 15 years ago Nigeria was selling Oil at a low $10 per barrel which had risen to a high of $120 at its height. This Oil source has sustained Nigeria’s economy by contributing an astounding 70% of all revenue that Nigeria generates.

The latter situation has to change, because the Oil fuels greed, dependency and mismanagement.

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